About Me

Holly Hinton
Hi, my name is Holly Hinton and I own and run Holly's Hobbies from my home in Staffordshire, England.  I'm a passionate cross stitch designer and have been cross-stitching since my early teens.

My wonderful Mum taught me to embroider when I was four and my lovely Nanna taught me to knit at around the same time, so I've grown up with an interest in crafty hobbies.  I have also just taught myself to crochet so try to fit in as much time for that as I can too.

When my first son was born in 2006 I just couldn't find a bright enough name sampler to cross stitch for his bedroom - so I designed my own.  From that first Transport sampler word spread and due to customer demand the range of Holly's Hobbies themes has grown steadily over the years.

Although I admire the complex charts from other designers, stitching big and difficult designs has lead to a pile of UFOs (un-finished objects) in my cross stitch basket - including one that I have had for over 20 years! So, my designs are simple to follow and produce bold and bright pieces that can easily be stitched by both beginners and more advanced stitchers.  

I have recently redesigned my website to offer only Name Sampler Charts via email. This allows me to provide a worldwide chart service whilst still allowing me to focus on my other businesses. I toyed with the idea of closing Holly's Hobbies completely, but my loyal customers convinced me to continue as they love to stitch my designs. 

I hope you like what you see, and I look forward to creating a Sampler for you soon! 

Love Holly





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